Table of Contents

chunker.output.cdata-section-elements — List of elements to escape with CDATA sections
chunker.output.doctype-public — Public identifer to use in the document type of generated pages
chunker.output.doctype-system — System identifier to use for the document type in generated pages
chunker.output.encoding — Encoding used in generated pages
chunker.output.indent — Specification of indentation on generated pages — Media type to use in generated pages
chunker.output.method — Method used in generated pages
chunker.output.omit-xml-declaration — Omit-xml-declaration for generated pages
chunker.output.standalone — Standalone declaration for generated pages
saxon.character.representation — Saxon character representation used in generated HTML pages
html.ext — Identifies the extension of generated HTML files — Use ID value of chunk elements as the filename?
html.extra.head.links — Toggle extra HTML head link information
root.filename — Identifies the name of the root HTML file when chunking
base.dir — The base directory of chunks
generate.manifest — Generate a manifest file?
manifest — Name of manifest file — Should the manifest file be written into base.dir?
chunk.toc — An explicit TOC to be used for chunking
chunk.tocs.and.lots — Should ToC and LoTs be in separate chunks?
chunk.separate.lots — Should each LoT be in its own separate chunk?
chunk.tocs.and.lots.has.title — Should ToC and LoTs in a separate chunks have title?
chunk.section.depth — Depth to which sections should be chunked
chunk.first.sections — Chunk the first top-level section?
chunk.quietly — Omit the chunked filename messages.
chunk.append — Specifies content to append to chunked HTML output — Use graphics in navigational headers and footers? — Extension for navigational graphics — Path to navigational graphics
navig.showtitles — Display titles in HTML headers and footers?