Table of Contents

target.database.document — Name of master database file for resolving olinks
targets.filename — Name of cross reference targets data file
olink.base.uri — Base URI used in olink hrefs — Process olinks using xref style of current document
current.docid — targetdoc identifier for the document being processed
olink.doctitle — show the document title for external olinks?
olink.debug — Turn on debugging messages for olinks — Properties associated with the cross-reference text of an olink.
olink.lang.fallback.sequence — look up translated documents if olink not found? — Turns page numbers in olinks on and off
insert.olink.pdf.frag — Add fragment identifiers for links into PDF files
prefer.internal.olink — Prefer a local olink reference to an external reference
link.mailto.url — Mailto URL for the LINK REL=made HTML HEAD element — The HTML anchor target for ULinks
olink.fragid — Names the fragment identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.outline.ext — The extension of OLink outline files
olink.pubid — Names the public identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.sysid — Names the system identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.resolver — The root name of the OLink resolver (usually a script)